• Image of Pudgie Revolution 2: Pushing Your Pie Iron's Potential Cookbook

The much anticipated cookbook sequel to Pudgie Revolution has arrived! Pudgie Revolution 2 is here to push your pie iron's potential.

A pudgie pie can be so much more than a grilled sandwich toasted in a pie iron. Inside this cookbook you'll find recipes that use unconventional crusts, recipes for irons of different shapes and sizes - even recipes with no crust at all! Full-color photographs of each recipe provide visual instruction on how to construct the pudgie pie. There is a handy guide to the various types of pie irons available and creative recipes for each option, including such innovations as the meat-crusted pudgie, the pudgie roll-up, and a chapter full of recipes inspired by cocktails. The whimsical wordplay carries on with recipe titles like Parm to Table, Mac to the Future, and Pick of the Fritter.

Get ready to cultivate creative campfire cooking with this handy guide to all things pudgie. Pudgie Revolution 2 will have you well on your way to becoming a pudgie pie-oneer!

96 pages, 80 recipes
thick, glossy, wipeable pages
metal spiral bound
6" x 8"

**pie iron not included in purchase**